Online Exhibition: Copyright Atrophy | ANTONIO ROBERTS

B nvidia B nike
B hp B starbucks
B android B playboy
B dell B adobe
lego london-2012

Antonio Roberts, Copyright Atrophy. Titles: Nvidia, Nike, HP, Starbucks, Android, Playboy, Dell, Adobe, Lego, London 2012.

Copyright Atrophy is a project that explores how much an artwork must be changed, remixed, mutated, or altered before it loses all of its associated meaning, context and, more importantly, copyright/trademark status.

Antonio Roberts is a British digital artist whose artwork focuses on the errors and glitches generated by digital technology. Many people would simply discard such artefacts but Antonio preserves these errors and displays them as art. With his roots in free culture he develops his techniques using open source and freely available software and shares his knowledge through the development of software.