Online Exhibition: The Coldplay Song Generator / Copy This Drive / Sample Chest | NICK BRIZ

The Coldplay Song Generator


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An application which algorithmically generates new Coldplay tracks based on a set of conventions/formulas the pop band subscribes to.


Copy This Drive

An installation where I put my personal harddrive on display for anyone to peruse and copy. .

Sample Chest


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A simple app and creative piracy tool for creating video sample libraries by ripping videos from todaybs richest AV cultural repository, YouTube. So long as you agree to the following terms before every use of the artware:


  1. I hereby agree that [conventional] notions of originality are myths + that the cultural products I produce [both in content & concept] are [re]combinations of [pre]existing ideas + that any feelings I may have to the contrary are simply cases of cryptomnesia + that I recognize any future work I produce to be undiscovered public knowledge.
  2. I understand [historically] that the laws of what we now call intellectual property have been developed by institutions of power who have sought to maintain control over information & culture to further their own agendas + that the invention & development of these laws have had little to do with what we [traditionally] call authorship
  3. Economically, I understand my ideas [+ any digital manifestation they may take] to be a non-rivalrous goodbthat is to say, that additional units can be infinitely copied/shared at no cost & that any [re]use can not prevent any prior/existing useband as such should be shared freely for the moral and mutual instruction of wo/man + that any restrictions on [re]use would impose inefficient & unnatural scarcity.
  4. Piracy is a refusal to comply with the established forced scarcity agenda. Piracy is a compositional prerogative. Piracy is-not plagiarism nor is it imposterism + attribution is key to this distinctionbnot in the interest of maintaining [conventional] notions of authorshipbin the interest of deep linkage & participatory culture[s].
  5. I hereby forfeit any intellectual propertybimposed on me by any copyright regimesbon any cultural products I may render from the use of this artware + if I choose to share my cultural products I will do so without any restrictions on its [re]use.

More Information:

Nick Briz, "Piratical Practices" (Text), in "Art+Copyright"